Our Approach

All donations will be used solely to bring Sadlands back. This means all donations go to the construction fund to get Sadlands rebuilt by the best professional skatepark builder with the most experience pouring concrete in a manner that best fits our final design. We have been talking with a couple of different skatepark builders and we are encouraged by their excitement to put a piece of Anaheim’s rich skate history back on the map. Making sure Sadlands is built correctly with the most fun terrain that fits all skill levels and pushes the next generation of riders to soar is our ultimate goal for the design.

We are working with the Anaheim Community Foundation as our fiscal manager, so we are a legit 501c3 not for profit.

Fundraising will be our next biggest challenge. The City of Anaheim has been very supportive at City Council Meetings but they expect us to raise the funds to get the spot built.

This is not a Do It Yourself spot! We must contract a professional skate park builder to build the skate spot.

Our estimates from reputable skatepark builders for a 5000 square foot skate spot range between $35-50 per square foot to build in concrete… Our fundraising goal is to raise $200,000.00!!

Our Story

We loved growing up skating Sadlands’ Craters and hanging out with our friends. We still skate together 30 years later! We all want to skate the park again for personal reasons but the bigger idea is to bring something awesome back to the community of skaters from the same area that influenced us while enhancing the overall appeal of the park for the whole neighborhood.

Meet the Board members

We are all Sadlanders that spent countless hours skating Sadlands.
We want to see the crater live again and the people come back that make Sadlands special!IMG_3631

Mike “Tonto” Rodriguez

SOS Foundation Board member

Tonto started skating Sadlands in the late 1980’s and rode it til the end. He still skating around whenever he can.


Roland “Cholo” Sanchez

SOS Foundation Board member

Cholo started skating Sadlands in the late 1980’s. He’s the owner and founder of Scum skates and still rips!

IMG_6085 (1)

Marc Johnson

SOS Foundation Board member

Marc is a wealth of knowledge about the history of skateboarding in Anaheim, CA.

He grew up skating Sadlands early in his life and nowadays rocks Anaheim locally on his guitar!

What now?

We’re dedicated to working hard for the success of bringing Sadlands back.

Will you join us?


We are fiscal partners with the Anaheim Community Foundation and function as a nonforprofit 501c3