Do we really think we can bring Sadlands back? And what would it look like?

What original features are we talking about here?

We all want to skate the main Crater again! This means a big side and a small side.

We also want to recreate the “Slide and Roll Crater” These are the two “Must Have” features the park needs to be a legitimate Sadlands rebuild. Keeping the moonscape theme in the new park design is a nod to Brookhurst Park’s original moonscape theme and also sounds like a ton of fun to get sculptural with the obstacles around the main Craters. The lines and creativity will be limitless if we get the right park builder for the project.

Are you a non for profit?

Yes, we operate under the fiscal sponsorship of the Anaheim Community Foundation.

When do we project to have it completed?

That TBD based on support from everyone that wants to make this happen.