November 1989

Do you remember the day they killed Sadlands?

How many times have you dreamed of skating the crater again?

Transfering the hip or learning crazy tricks on the small side?


How about just hanging out with friends on the bench or under the trees?

We are family, a community nearly 30 years strong.

How amazing would it be to bring Sadlands back to Brookhurst Park for the next generation of local Sadlander skaters?!





Get involved! Help us bring Sadlands back!

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Our mission

The Save Our Sadlands Foundation’s number one objective is to bring Sadlands back. By doing so, we seek to create a stronger community by lifting up local youth and their families through the recreation of an iconic cultural landmark in the skateboard community.

Sadlands was an original Orange County skate spot that unintentionally became an historic spot! It was one of a handful of spots that were a part of Anaheim’s rich skateboarding history. What made Sadlands special was the community that formed around the original park craters. Our hope is this same type of tight community will reemerge naturally when new craters are built.

Our friends in the Parks Divisions have been very supportive in our effort to bring Sadlands back. We can rebuild the craters in Brookhurst Park, just a few feet away from the original, buried and destroyed craters! Whatever the final layout design looks like, the site will be just under 5000 square feet of Sadlands, which is more than we had before!

With skatepark advocacy help from The Tony Hawk Foundation, our supportive friends in the Park Division and on the City Council, and the new and old Sadlands community (that’s anyone that loved Sadlands) all working together, we believe will succeed at getting a better than ever Sadlands for the skaters of Anaheim!

Next Steps…

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